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New products and updates

After obtaining hosting with Infomaniak, one of our strong points is the ongoing development of your hosting and the tools provided in this environment.

A website that we have been hosting for several years will have the advantage of the same PHP version as a new customer who has just registered the hosting, and this has applied to all our customers since 1996.

This technology also allows us to move your web site to newer servers or servers that are less in demand in a transparent manner, so that we can guarantee you the best quality of service at all times.

01 May 2007

New method of payment using e-banking, offering more advantages than hard copy billing

Up until now our site hosting cost CHF 195,- p.a., and the invoice was sent to you by post. We have also offered online payment using credit cards or Yellownet for chf. 180.- p.a. for a very long time.
In future, if you make your payments via internet (e-banking), and your hosting remains billed at CHF 195.-, we recommend you use a new method of billing for CHF 180.-, whereby you can receive your invoice directly on your computer, using the admin console, and you will then be able to settle your invoice using your usual method of e-banking.
In order to profit from this new billing method we invite you to go to your admin console to the "Administration" menu and then to "Billing". N.B.! It is essential that you choose the method of billing *before* your next invoice is generated.

01 May 2007

SMS platform for your Internet site

01 May 2007

Activation/deactivation of compatibility with FrontPage from your admin console

01 February 2007

Temporary unblocking of the limits for memory and execution time for your php scripts

01 February 2007

Option of entrusting us with your email services only (not DNS, not Web, not FTP)

01 February 2007

Optional choice of the version of php (4 or 5) for your site

01 February 2007

Migrate your data bases MySQL on the new version 5

31 January 2007

Remplacement de nos serveurs de plus de 2 ans par une nouvelle génération

01 November 2006

Exciting new features to finish the year!

01 September 2006

New spam filter